Tuesday, January 19, 2016

1811 to 1812 New Madrid Quake (estimated 9M) from Big Lake Arkansas to the Mississippi River Junction with the Ohio, is the Largest in the USA! Associated Vertical movements with this Lateral shift are shown- along with 10,000 km distant Developments.

The Junction of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers is the PRIMARY REFERENCE- it is near the New Madrid and Cairo, Illinois towns:
A SINK at Qattara, Egypt (30N 27.5E, and we expect that the CRITICAL LATITUDE of Hemisphere/3 to show Anomalies) lies at a separation of 10,000 km from the Reference:
Qatarra Depression is a SINK- which could allow water to flow from the Mediterranean (via use of explosives to blast a Canal)! This was never done- due to aversion to Atomic Energy Nuclear "Blasts" investigated in the 70s!
ENLARGING to view the Mediterranean Sea:
Since the Depression is a Vertical SINK, and the New Madrid Quake created a GRABEN, aren't both of these VERTICAL? Both Lateral EXPANSION (extension) and Vertical drop occur)!  This is a case to "test the Limits" of the EARTH QUARTERING finding!

There are ALTERNATIVES to this measurement; look at the Due South line (yellowish):
Offshore Chile has an Inflection 294 km to the West of the Brown line:
Error of the process is 3%, and this is at the Limit of my Acceptance!
Brown line continues 10,000 km to the SW:

Starting at the Big Lake drainage Inflection:

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