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Mima MOUNDS, formed by alternate COMPRESSION and EXTENSION, result from Gravitational Lateral Rotation, d(d{acceleration}/dt= jerk)/dt or CHATTER of the Earth’s Crust, which occurs at Lateral ANOMALIES. These are shown for River Valleys (ARCS) and Glacial boundaries, where SHEAR occurs. They grow in Diameter, since the surrounding Troughs are more easily eroded- leaving the mound to increase in SIZE. The MOONS of Earth and Jupiter augment the Vertical movement with TIME, and the compressional phase COMPACTS them- making the mounds more RESISTENT.

SUMMARY: Mounds develop at COINCIDING Circumstances in the Earth's History and Geometry, involving LOCATION, TIME, and Force of Gravity (including the DYNAMICS, Uplift, and Gravitational ATTRACTION of the Earth's Crust by Planets and Asteroids). This Situation occurs at fractions of 90 degrees Latitude, and 180 degrees, referenced to the 169.6W Diomedes, when Orbiting Planets and Asteroids move away from the Ecliptic Plane, and by Moons as they orbit around their Planets (Measured by Inclination Angles). 

They are called Mima Mounds after their namesake in WA State, but they generally are NOT recognized by Geologists as they become larger with: TIME, EROSION of the surrounding base, UPLIFT of a segment of crust,or  location at Critical COORDINATES in the Earth's 169.6W Diomedes Islands reference Longitude system. Reference Latitude is 40.439N for mid-latitudes, and 48N for Latitudes until reaching Mt. St. Elias, AK.
Above MOUNDS are shown from Google Earth, below:

Mima MOUNDS are common, but they are NOT NOTICED unless they are seen CLOSE Up, and then the vegetation must be cleared, as with Green Springs, Washington City, UT Golf course. Don't make the mistake made by Golfers, that these were excavated by the developers:
 COLOR CODE is as follows: red, for COMPRESSION or Rising; blue for EXTENSION or Sinking; black for FACTUAL Information; Pink for scenarios; yellow for location or OUTCROPS; green for measurement, and white for N-S linears.
EXOTIC Metasediment Block on Whidbey Island, WA, below has been placed by Glaciers, and has been shoved Upwardly by a RISING Mound- showing that the Mound rose AFTER rock deposition by melting glacial ice (the moraine would NOT have stayed on top of a hill):

Two sets of MOUNDS occur within 3 km of my home, and one set occurs on a mowed GOLF COURSE; developers adore these features, since they provide excellent traps and locations to "Tee off":
Above Mima MOUNDS occur at the Holmes Harbor Golf Course, Freeland, WA, where MOWING the grass makes them more OBVIOUS; they generally occur in an ELLIPTICAL arrangement of 4, 6, or 12 Mounds:
Attempt to PROVE will be pursued by illustration of Cases of LARGER MOUNDS!
There is a Mima Mounds State Park near Little Rock, WA, west of I-5 Freeway:
Yearly SHIFT of the Glacial ICE front (creating acceleration change, or "Jerk") creates Loading-Unloading on the Crust of the Earth, and the 12 Full Moons, yearly, create SINUSOIDAL Chatter (augmented yearly on an UNKNOWN total Time Scale).
SINUSOIDAL "CHATTER" is shown below, in alternating Hills and Sinks:
These Mounds are Minimum in SIZE (6-10 meters in Diameter), since they have formed after the last GLACIAL Advance to this Southern Washington region 15,625 years ago; more are shown with OLDER Formative intervals:
Checkerboard Mesa, Zion NP, with Diameter of 40 meters or MORE:
Checkerboard East Neighbor of 41.8 k.y. (AXIAL Cycle):

Zion NP Checkerboard Mesa exhibits the 12 Mound sequence (12 Full Moons occur yearly, and 11.86 years is the Period for Jupiter's ORBIT,) in an ELLIPTICAL Arrangement.  AGE is on the order of 53.4 k.y:

Google Earth VIEWS:
Viewing from the east:
The HEIGHT of this mound can be estimated from nearby trees, as being approximmately 30 meters. Google Earth is NOT accurate with Altitude, or ELEVATION, so it will be DIFFICULT to determine height changes/TIME Intervals. Height GROWTH (vertical height above the more ERODED adjacent rocks of similar type and AGE) will be APPROXIMATED later, using Geologic AGE (which is known ONLY within 10% VARIATION by Radio-dating), yields a multiplicity of ERROR sources.
Below is a CLOSEUP of the Checkerboard sandstone ROTATED SLICES:
Above is the Google Earth view from above, and below is an ORTHOGONAL count of the nearby mounds:
Above arrangement is VERY IMPORTANT to an understanding of the placement and Time of incision of this BASIN and Range development. The GUIDE is that associated with the Colorado Plateau to the west. The Nevada-Utah Basins are of the AGE: Miocene, with placement over a 25 m.y. TIME INTERVAL. re-plotting, with more ACCURACY:
I interpret that there are 2 FAULTS, one on either side of the Basin arrangement; these basins NUMBER only 8, as compared to 12 or more for NV-UT basins. There is some SIMILARITY:
1. Traces are nearly N-S; the white line has an angle of 177.5 degrees, almost = 180- 2.5 for Saturn at 2.49 degree Inclination from the Ecliptic Plane!
Above Ranges' Individual Mountains are 10 km WIDE, or More!
There is INFORMATION in the Divergence from N-S, of the lines of Mountain Ranges, e.g. the Inclination for Pallas (one of the 4 largest Asteroids) is 34 degrees, where LINEARS are separated from N-S Meridians by 35 to 45 degrees, and this is exhibited below:

2. YOUNG basins, east of Zion, Virgin River, from calculations of Diameter/10.24 mm/yr, occur to the east;

3. Angular Departure from the N-S Meridians becomes greater to the east; and,

4. Basins are at an Elevation, where the calculations are less affected by RISE (where Lateral Tides remain near 10.24, and are NOT reduced significantly by uplift). This will have to be checked against the AGE, as contrasted to the calculated Time INTERVAL:
Checkerboard Neighbor 3 (54.3 k.y.) is immediately to the east, above, and #4 (67 k.y.= 41 + 26 k.y. Axial + Precessional) is further east, below:
Checkerboard Neighbor #5, further to the east is 15.1 k.y. and the Time Sequence is IRREGULAR:
Checkerboard Neighbor to the North:
ALL of these Mesas seem inordinantly YOUNG, but then they have ELEVATION DIFFERENCES between valley FLOORS and Mound CAPS much less than for Zion NP (Zion with 1000 foot scarps, has AGE on the order of 2 to 4 m.y.)! The RATIOS for Time intervals are near 4 m.y./40 k.y.= 100, and Elevation CONTRASTS are 2000 ft/1000 ft= 2 to 1. The Lateral movement is on the order of 3 mm/year for Zion highlands, contrasted to 6 or more for the Eastern Basins (10.24 was used in calculations, and this is a source of UNCERTAINTY!):

Checking the Measurements and Calculations for duplications yield the ERROR of this process!
An additional FACTOR, other than TIME and the Adjacent SHEAR VALLEYS, is shown for the Checkerboard development at Hurricane Town's Virgin River:
Map above shows the LOCATION, in relation to VULCANISM at the Virgin River Cinder Cone, and details by digital camera are shown below. There is a smaller CHECKERBOARD shown in the west (left) Navajo sandstone. You can see how the shear and movement has discolored the outcrops (an argument usettled between Geologists):

Shiny Black SURFACES are Slickensides, which have been buffed by VERTICAL Sliding; there are 4 distinct parts,  exhibiting a Vague Figure 8:
Viewing to the right of the previous photo, therze is a Basalt wall, exhibiting an INFLECTION in the shape of a REVERSE "S" (indicating sinking, whereas the Forward "S" occurs for Rising):

Note the Arc REVERSAL above, and the Basaltic FAN below:
The N-S Columnar arrangement  consists of 12 separate linears.
Some of the COLUMNS above were SUBSURFACE when formed and are NOT PERPENDICULAR to the ground surface, as is the usual explanation for COOLING CRACKS:
Sandstone MOUNDS, adjacent to the Virgin River, are shown below; notice the undulating CIRCULAR river Pattern:
A new LINK, the NCGT, or New Concepts in Global Tectonics, appraises some of these "Wrench Tectonics" in:
Created by the Moon, there is a VERTICAL Rotation seen in Zion NP, at the Virgin River, CONTRASTED with E-W, which is LATERAL:

BOTH the Virgin River, Hurricane checkerboard and the LARGER one to the east in Zion NP are exposed in Jurassic Jn Navajo sandstone; this Hurricane outcrop is near a Major DRAINAGE, and is SMALLER in Height, indicating that there is another Major FACTOR for development! Furthermore, the western Hurricane, UT example occurs near VULCANISM (CCW rotation when extruding), while the Zion checkerboard has no nearby volcano, only Obvious SHEAR lines or FRACTURES:
VIEWING the Larger Area:
Lateral arrangement is shown above, and VERTICAL change is shown below, for this Solitary Mound:

I will test the PROPOSITION that the Moon attracts the Mound moreso, whenever the mound PROTRUDES above the landscape (a mound appears to rise because the less-resistent rock surrrounding it erodes FASTER). The Moon acts VERTICALLY, since it effects perpendicular movements to the Lateral expansion created by Planets and the Sun.
Schematically, Asia to North America may be considered as 2 Mounds, separated by the intruding Australian continent:

SUBDUCTION under the NW (CA to WA) coast, shown below, produces widespread Mounds near Eugene OR:

Note the DIAGONAL PATTERN of the Mound display, near Eugene, OR, seen from the I-5 Freeway. A pertinent QUESTION: "How does this fit into the River Valley shearing ARCS, the Glacial Ice OSCILLATION, or the 12 feature SEQUENCE"?:
Let's look more closely at one of these Hills and adjacent Valleys:
Above FEATURE is a half million years in the making, and it consists of 12 or 13 smaller Mounds, with the Precessional slices to the North; this would calculate 497.56k.y./12= 41.46, or a Milankovitch Axial CYCLE of 41 (40.96?, 1% variation) k.y. for each small Mound:
Above ANALYSIS indicates that the Mounds rise with the Axial Cycle, which is NOT TILTED, but one which is dependant upon the Sun and Planets (Lateral), but which is NOT dependant on  the Moon (Vertical)!
Above ANALYSIS yields a RATIO of 1.228, for the Rising versus the TILTED Arcs- which pertains to J at 1.304 or S-J at 1.19, with 3% error!.
WIDE VIEW, below:
Mounds occur INLAND between coastal Seal Rock to Cape Blanco. This is ONLY a small portion of the subducting N-S zone, but it may be ACTIVE (eruptive in a short time), as compared to QUIESCENT (which occurs along  a N-S segment that has NO active VULCANISM). The EASIEST confirmation of this indicator is found with SHEER CLIFFS along the ocean Coast.
A rare cross-section of a Mound is viewed from Coupeville, Island County, WA, where a dig has been made for road gravel:

The DOMINANT FACTOR determining the location of OLDER MOUNDS has not been isolated. The factor may be ACTIVE UPLIFT, as in Zion, compared to Hurricane, UT Virgin River, where there is a SINKING basin.This may require a determination of uplift for the Eugene, Umpqua or Klamath Rivers area. Steep Canyons or SCARPS, to yield a CLUE for this analysis!
Sandy BEACHES and slight grades towards the seashore are OPPOSITE indicators to Eastward EARTH TIDES (eastward tidal movement occurs with subduction), whereas sheer cliffs. steep SCARPS, and deep CANYONS occur with all cases of OBVIOUS Mounds! What, then determines where these entities PREVAIL? Active UPLIFT is the KEY indicator, along with canyons and River Valleys. Critical LONGITUDES may play a ROLE; we'll look at Cape Blanco:
Crater Lake lies on the 42.9N Parallel, indicating that Cape Blanco exhibits W to E Shear inland. Although the direction of movement is to the WEST (Cape points westerly), the 7700 year Crater indicates activity there ALSO. Notice that the Mounds mostly occur above this W-E line or are Parallel to it:

Above informs me that there will occur an INCIPIENT TRANSFORM in the Pacific north of the Mendocino transform at 40.439N, since this Latitude Interval 2.4 degrees north of Mendocino is a third of 7.2d, the Sun SEGMENT which spaces transforms 800km apart (111.111km/degree Latitude x 7.2d= 800km). Let's look:

ONLY DIAGONALS occur near Cape Blanco, but at Critical COORDINATES of 42.8N (2.4 degrees Latitude north of Mendocino) 147.6W (22E of Prime), there occurs an 80 km Incipient Transform: 
Above suggests that TRANSFORMS in the Pacific are INITIATED at the West, near the Prime Natural Meridian. The 800 km measurement occurs frequently with N-S features, and 80 km (a 1/10th Harmonic) found for any measurement is a CLUE to investigate. This 80 km linear ORIENTS almost W-E, and makes it appear that this is a Sun or PLANETARY development, and is NOT a lunar feature!

Solving the Size INCREASE of the Mounds requires a CALCULATION of Erosion, and this can be avoided using ONLY the Diameter increase with Time (rather than the Height, which has Maximum erosion). Erosion will continue to remove the surrounding rock, and this is the Primary Impetus of Mound enlargement! The Moons will continue to increase the Mound height, but this will be ALMOST offset by rock fall. Remember that the reason why the Mounds persist and appear to ENLARGE is due to COMPACTION-COMPRESSION and "TWIST" of the Vertical cell, with resistance to erosion by the Compacted Mound. Later, we can asume that the mound is in the shape of a CONE, and this can be treated with Hyperbolic or Parabolic EQUATIONS. Starting with Mt. Erie, which is close by my location and which has a paved road to the top, I will take another field trip to this FEATURE:
How do these SINGLE Mountains (Expanded MOUNDS) fit into the 12 feature or Moon Sequence? This is shown further down, with the LARGER Ellipse surrounding Mt. Olympus.
Glacial GROOVES trace N250W, which is the same as the Penn Cove and Goose Rock VISUAL Striations indications:
"Buffed" Metasediments can be considered as Incipient Slickensides, above.
Digital camera, above, and Google Earth, below:
I will drive to this Quarry, to inspect the DIP and arcuate features:
Orthogonal view to North:

ROCK Photo:

A clue to Gravitational WAVES is shown at Campbell Lake; note the Figure 8 at the outcrop SURFACE, below, with the SLICE pointing to the sign (N-S):
Look at MT. Erie from the south:
Four significant LAKES surround Mt. Erie, and this differs from the usual 6 MULTIPLES of rises found near the Hurricane Fault. This is a clue to Latitude influence, and will be investigated.
Lake Campbell and Erie, at 49.45N 122.6W or 47E of Prime, with 2.19 ratio for M/S:
Photos from 5 years ago show views of Mt. Erie Quarry:
Unencumbered view of FRACTURES:
Mt. Erie Quarry:
Google photo above is shown for the LARGER area, below:
FRACTURE orientations are not reliable, and will be appraised by Digital Camera:
Below OUTCROP is shown with North to the RIGHT, and the indicated SHIFTS are reasonable. Closeup photo:
Iron stain frrom Ferric Hematite indicates the SEPARATION of Linears, and the white quartz hints of Thermal waters, previously; guide informed me that this ZONE was called THERMAL at first!

Using a better computer, a faint ANALEMMA is shown and is formed near the TILTED Outcrop:

Fracture PATTERNS are DIAGONAL, above, and Horizontal, below:
Although METASEDIMENTS appear to exhibit layers, they show fractures which slice a DOME. Below, the FRACTURES are almost RANDOM, and are both vertical, and ARCUATE on the left side:

Does the QUARRY alongside Mt. Erie exhibit TILTED metasediments? If so, this will indicate another FACTOR of importance to Mound RISE, in addition to erosion, sheer cliffs or SCARPS, and Lateral rotation. Next would be the Latitude, position north of a Major TRANSITION (Devil Mt. Fault at 48N), and Critical Longitude, west of Prime at 169.6W!

Finding ANOMALIES, to substantiate the VALIDITY, requires Following the Mt. Erie MERIDIAN; those ALIGNING with the ORIENTATION of the Meridian are Lunar or Jupiter Moon-formed:
The N-S meridian isolates a N-S slot, above.
Viewing an expansion:

Meridian passes through Snakelum Point, where Capes, Heads, Points, Spits and Tombolos are ANOMALOUS:
The Mt. Erie Meridian locates N-S Anomalies!

The NEXT large Mound is Mt. Constitution, on Orcas Island- 29.13km to the NW:
Surrounding Mt. Constitution, there are six lakes, with one being Twin Lakes; this is the usual NORMAL 6 multiple FEATURE, for either Minor mounds or Lakes! The Twin lakes should exhibit a DIVIDER, and this is shown below:
The 6 lakes hints that this Mountain is OLDER than Erie; this should be expected, since it is TALLER, shows a Wider Diameter, and lies adjacent to Cretaceous Islands to the NW (all of the San Juans are Cretaceous or older):
What is the PHYSICAL ACTIVITY (the Mathematics and dynamics) which uplifts Mt Erie and Constitution? A clue to uplift RATE is shown by the Glacial GROOVES on Erie, but NOT ON Constitution. Elevations NOW are 2407 and 1273 feet. I'll search for other observations, since the ICE Thickness was near 3000 feet nearby. Erosion is maximum at the higher elevations, making this height above sea level (comparing the two Peaks) of interest, but possibly DECEPTIVE!
Above view is to the east, towards Mt. Baker, and the STRIATIONS orient NE-SW, and faint Grooves trace N-S. CCW Rotations, relative to lower-in-elevation Mt. Erie, require that the FOCUS lies to the NW, and I will search Vancouver Island:
Above 100 km LINEAR is a first guess, and it aligns with Lake Cowichan east shore ORIENTATION, with an INFLECTION in the trace. The TRACE is making a path around Mt. Olympus, and we will pursue the possibility that this is the ROTATION which is Re-orienting the Crustal REFERENCE to the Major Inflection for the beginning of the Canadian ORB (larger than the 4096 km Qsna orb from Mendocino to Cape Hatteras)! This could be EXTENDED to the South, to show 12 segments, but the Lower PORTION is NOT ACTIVE, as was shown by the present CUTOFF south of The Elwha, Olympic Hot Springs Latitude!
RE-TRACING the Mountain Peaks from Erie to Constitution to Warburton, to Hill 60, the FOCUS of the subtended ARC lies near Mt. Olympus at 48N 123.7778W. Accuracy is shown with the DIVERGENCE of projected RADII; it is within 5 compass degrees.
An ELLIPSE has 2 focii, and we have approximated the OLDER one. The YOUNGER will occur further to the East, since SUBDUCTION transpires south of the San Juan de Fuca channel, and I have used closer LOCATIONS for increased ACCURACY of the Mt. Erie to Constitution separation. This Focus Minor exists at the INTERSECTION of the 2 lines at 90 degrees from the two connections:

ALTERNATE from Hancock Lake DIVIDER, showing UNCERTAINTY of Focus:

Although ACCURACY is always LESS for large distances, the Orthogonal view of Focus Minor, at the INTERSECTION of Erie and Warburton Mountains ARCS, shows that the Critical Longitude: 124.6 (45E of the Prime NATURAL Meridian, at 169.6W) is one coordinate. The other is 48.1N (the approximate 48/180= 1/3.75, or 12/45). This Latitude is wthin my measurement error of the 48th Parallel of 90 degrees. This Latitude is the Parallel where the SCRIBING of the North American continent makes a 45 degree turn to the NW, and initiates the LARGER Canadian ORB with a WIDER OLDER Craton of width greater than the 4096 km from Mendocino to Cape Hatteras. The RATIO should reflect the 2 Solar Masses creating this Analemma!
RATIO is 1.2, for the 4945 km spread from the Canadian extremities E-W across the Hudson Bay. This is EQUIVALENT to Saturn's 2.494- Jupiter's 1.304 degrees Inclination angles (1.19, with 1% variation- which is my personal error)! This is surprizing, but the Sun has less influence at these large Latitudes, near the Arctic Circle. The 2 planets have influence for at least 1.3  to 2.5 degrees of Latitude above the Arctic Circle, but this is NOT the Case for the Sun! Hudson Bay exhibits the INTERSECTION of 60N 90W, which is 2/3rd of the quadrant, and 1/4th of the Northern Hemisphere! Again, Hudson Bay exhibits a "hole" which is SLICED by an Important MERIDIAN (90W or 80W, separately, for Hudson and James Bays).

1. Mounds enlarge in DIAMETER as their base is eroded, requiring that the Mound be more compacted and resistent to EROSION than surrounding rock;
2. Mounds occur at active SHEAR, magnified by UPLIFT, where the entire REGION is RISING! Field workers may not notice the rise, except at boundaries, since the stratigraphic CROSS-SECTION appears compatible;
3. Sandstone, changing to low porosity as compaction and compression proceeds, exhibits the MOUNDS best, compared to softer rocks, such as limestone or shale;
4. Porosity is reduced by the "twist" and compression, while the extension phase occurs in the neighboring rocks (creating a SINUOSOIDAL WAVE), and,
5. This process may be sensitive to Higher Latitude, when the Sun becomes relatively less important.

Since Latitude is a FACTOR for MOUND Widening, look at one near Juneau, AK, where there is METAMORPHISM:
Google Earth VIEWS, at 58.3N 134.42W:
Digital Photos below:
FRACTURE Patterns are mainly HORIZONTAL, with ARCS, above; below they are VERTICAL, separated by TERRACES! The terraces represent "Jerks" which indicate RISES, exhibiting the OLDEST rise on the bottom (WIDER and Thicker)!
FOOTNOTE: Mt. Roberts is a very OLD Mound, which has become a Mountain, Illustrating that many smaller FEATURES, with smaller TIME INTERVALS, occur SUBSEQUENT to the AGE of the mountain. This is shown above, in the almost SEA LEVEL outcrop, where there is a wealth of information presented:
1. Two ELLIPTICAL Cells occur, with an obvious division (DIVIDER) shown by the soil and vegetation between them;
2. The cell on the right exhbits 2 inflections in the TILTED block, indicating PRECESSION;
3. Cell on the left is LEVEL, with vertical fractures, indicating the AXIAL cell of Milankovitch;
4. The divider, or slice between them, has an angle of about 60 to72 degrees from vertical;
5. The overall assesment is that of a partial Figure 8, ANALEMMA, and,
6. There is a marked CONTRAST between the patterns of Fracture ANGLES!
Seven years ago, I called this FEATURE the spectacles, from a South Pacific DISPLAY (there are 3 sets below):
Seven years of ANALYSIS of Gravitational ROTATIONS has required a change in my TERMINOLOGY to that of a Figure 8, which is a Partial ANALEMMA- a Natural FEATURE!

A TEST for Mounds is found by viewing the ELLIPSE of 6 or more, which has one DIAMETER yielding the TIME INTERVAL for development. Four of these can be seen in the Photo below:
High PEAKS, separated from others, are shown below:
There is a calculation ERROR above, where the subtended angle should be 72 degrees; the more CORRECT Time Interval should be 60/72 x = 2.242 m.y.
Solitary Mounds MUST be part of a SET, to fit the analysis above! The RISE is due to Moons, while the LATERAL EXPANSION occurs with Solar SYSTEM Planets and Asteroids!
 The IMPORTANT factor to consider between Planets and Moons, is that the Planets PRIMARILY orbit along the Ecliptic Plane (with important Inclinations away from the Plane), while their Moons orbit OBLIQUELY to the Ecliptic- at a Larger Angle to the Ecliptic. I have found that OVERALL, this results in Planets creating LATERAL shifts and Moons creating VERTICAL rise. Lateral shifts create Latitude movements of Earth Features, while Vertical movements create Longitudinal shifts. Between these two extremes, there occur DIAGONAL deviations, or Oblique movements. These are QUANTIFIED by: (40,000 km circumference/360 degrees= 111.111km/degree) x Inclination Angle, or TILT, yielding a LINEAR on Earth, such as 7.0056d x 111.111= 778.4 km for Mercury. These angles and distances result in DEVIATIONS, from  N-S orientation of appendages, "TITS", such as Florida or Argentina!

Determination of Height GROWTH above the eroding BASE is related to RATE of Elevation above the SURROUNDING Rock/Time INTERVAL= (Elevation of TOP of the Mound- base Elevation)/Time= a FUNCTION of Time passage, e.g. for the Checkerboard Mesa= 30 meters/2 million years, maximum= .015 mm/yr. This magnitude is the Minimum, using the maximum development time, and is less than the 1 mm/yr found for Growth of Continental Elevation, before erosion. Erosion offsets growth, but not quite, otherwise there would be NO land above sea level! Continents have average elevations near 400 meters, and are near 4096 (and 4096 m.y.) km in WIDTH, yielding growth upwardly, after erosion, of 1/10th meter/m.y.= .0001 mm/year.
 I have 4 data points, for the realm of Prominent Mountains exhibited along the Whidbey Island to Olympic Mountains ELLIPSE: Mt Erie of suspected Jurasssic Diorite (200 m.y.), Mt Constitution of Cretaceous (100 m.y.), and those on Vancouver Island. It is already seen that the greater height of Constitution on Orcas Island being taller, but YOUNGER than Erie, will negate any PROGRESSION with Time! 
An IMPROVED assessment of Growth Rate as a function of TIME is to use the PROGRESSION of movement eastwardly as a measurement of Time INTERVAL; after all, Malinkovitch found that ROTATION in space was proportional to elapsed Time. This will ASSUME that the height increases with time since the Olympic Ellipse was initiated, and the NON-LINEARITY of the ARC can be ignored for the almost linear portion. This is approximately a Straight Line from Vancouver Island to Mt.Erie, and the spatial movement is 111 km:
The ELEVATION of the western-most Mountain is 660 meters (approx. 2000 ft), compared to Mt. Constitution at 2399 ft (731m), and 1273 ft (388 meters) for Mt. Erie. Again, this is NOT progressively decreasing to the east! Taking the 2 data points for Hill 60 to Erie at a distance of 111 km, yields 272 meters difference, and for a first approximation of 100 m.y. yields .27 km/m.y. or .27 mm/yr. A better method of Mathematizing this movement MUST be derived!

The above investigations will not work, because of the use of Geological ESTIMATIONS of the Age of the Rock found in the Mountains! Diorite is an INTRUSIVE, and assumed to be brought by Plate Tectonics (age of rock is NOT the same as Time INTERVAL); this depends upon a Theory, which has been discounted by NCGT!  Terranes and Island ARCS that are thought to come from "out there" have originated close to where they are found, and they have been moved by Retrograde Earth Tides. This involves two features:
1. Solar masses Orbiting away from the Ecliptic Plane, at an angle I. (Inclination from the Ecliptic Plane) in degrees, LIFT segments of the Crust according to distance = I. x 111.111 km/degree. This requires judicicous-ness, since there are Harmonics of one-thousandths (at least);
2. Time of initiation of uplift commences upon the Region being raised reaching a CRITICAL COORDINATE. That is, the Earth Tides must move the region to a Longitude (and possibly Latitude) where there is a FRACTION of 360 degrees attained. This is a fraction of the 360 from the Natural Prime Meridian at 169.6W Longitude (referenced to the Artificial Greenwich System). One fourth of the 360, or 90 degrees is east of 169.6W, or at 79.6W, for example, for the Mississippi River Meridian. Latitudes must be at some fraction from Mendocino's Latitude at 40.439N, for intermediate latitudes. There are others for Latitude, and another occurs at 48N, where a Major NW-ward SHIFT in the continent occurs. There are more, and I will work them out eventually!
3. The third factor, other than Time and Position, involves the Cycles of Retrograde Planets, such as Venus and Uranus, but there are Asteroids which create small deviations. These are NUMEROUS, and largely UNKNOWN, but the largest Masses have been measured for I. (Inclination):

Pictorial, above, and Ganeymede has been measured for I., below:
Asteroid IMPACTS have been distorted, as to their INFLUENCE; Chicxulub is thought to have been the DESTROYER of Dinosaurs, but my analysis finds it to have created the 64 m.y. Hole along the 89.6W Meridian (a Critical Meridian, 80E, or 4/9 fraction of 180, of Prime Natural Meridian at 169.6W longitude) and at a FOURTH of the Time of the great PTr- Permian Triassic die-off and DESSICATION of several million years- which continued well into the Triassic, long after the 256 m.y. (by BT) occurrence!

Initiation TIME is long after Deposition, occurring when the REGION is at a Critical Coordinate, e.g. 89.6W, which is 80E of Prime Meridian found at 169.6W! The UPLIFT may require at least one Milankovitch CYCLE (41 k.y.) before it is OBVIOUS at the surface. This REQUIRES that we work out a scheme to determine Where and When the Uplift was initiated. Final analysis will allow a Taller Mound to be OLDER than a less tall one; this will require a determination of the TIME of INITIATION and NOT the age of rocks, nor of the time when they are observed, but the Time of arrival at the Critical Coordinates!

Critical TIMES will occur as follows; 1024 m.y. (Great unconformity found in the Grand Canyon); 256 m.y. PTr extinction; 64 m.y. Chicxulub, 16 m.y. Columbia Flood Basalts, 4 m.y. Byam Martin Island in NW Passage, 1 m.y. Mississippi River Delta; 250 k.y. Whidbey Island Possession Glaciation and Mt Constitution initiation?; 125 k.y. opening of Holmes Harbor, Mt Erie uplift?; 62.5 k.y. Penn Cove initiation?, and the 15,625 year last Glaciation at Penn Cove. Notice the progression in SPACE of instabilities which move CW around the North American Continent and that of less severity for SHORTER time Intervals!

Solving the MATHEMATICAL Progression requires that the British Columbia, Canada Mounds be AGE Measured at these critical times and that their related heights be PROPORTIONAL to the Time Intervals!

The Arc ANALYSIS of the AGE of Mt. Erie is shown below, to compare with the Binary Theorem above:

Above CALCULATIONS yield an average AGE of 197 k.y. for Mt. Erie; this has its errors, as shown by the 5% variation from the average! Compare this with the 125 k.y. predicted by the BT, and there is 40% DIFFERENCE! Mt. Constitution is presented next, to compare further:
Mt. Constitution AGE is 282 k.y. by this technique; this is 85 k.y. OLDER than Mt. Erie, and Constitution is CLOSER to the 250 k.y. PREDICTION.

Further west, on Vancouver Island is Reginald Hill, with 255 k.y. AGE:

Continuing with the next Mountain to the West, Hill 60, in Vancouver Island, AGE is 335 k.y., and the Mountains (enlarged Mounds) are OLDER to the west:
AGE Progression to the West, so far is: 197, 282, 255, 335 k.y. Very Young, but fitting the AGE increase as the mounds are measured to the west, except for Reginald Hill, and this is re-measured below:
Larger DIAMETER, from a River Valley, yields 386 k.y., and this still does NOT FIT the sequence! This exhibits an ELONGATED E-W ELLIPSE, and hints that another ANOMALY has been reached (with the N-S LINEARS being obvious!). Look further:
A significant ANOMALY has been crossed at the Fracture SET, where an INFLECTION or N-S reference has been isolated. This may be the CENTERLINE of the investigated ELLIPSE, north of Mt. Olympus. Look more broadly:

Reginald Hill, above and below, exhibits an Elongated ELLIPSE, exaggerated E-W:

South end, with Mt. Angeles at the CENTERLINE, near the Elwha N-S drainage and Boulder Creek Geothermal OLYMPIC Hot Springs exhibits a right angle SHIFT:
Above CENTERLINE yields further CREDENCE to the Elliptical location of Mountains (expanded Mounds) around the Mt. Olympus REFERENCE and the shift of the ORIENTATION of slices across Juan de Fuca 48N Major COORDINATE!
Reginald Peak is shown in relation to the white CENTERLINE to the east, above.
Above is the Junction of the Elwha and Boulder Creek, along which occurs the Olympic Hot Springs- an INDICATOR of E-W to N-S shift. Below is the N-S Meridian, in white, of the projection of the DIVIDER of the Olympic ELLIPSE:
UNCERTAINTY places Mt. Sulivan in the interim of the N-S Meridian to the Elwha FORK:
Junction of Elwha and Boulder Creeks represents a SHIFT from N-S to E-W, orthogonally as the change from Latitude to Longitude, or influence of the Sun as distinct from that caused by the Moon:

Taking the almost-linear portion of the Northern part of the Olympic ELLIPSE allows a CALCULATION of the East TIDAL RATE, due to SUBDUCTION. Below is a separation distance, which will be divided by the TIME INTERVAL between them. With proper assessment, this should provide a rare MAGNITUDE of the Retrograde Movement:
Rate of 1.776 meters yearly is RAPID, and would result in NUMEROUS Quakes! I chose this portion, because of the intervening SHIFT and disruption at the Salt Springs Island shift of the NW trend of the Gulf Islands compared to the N-S trend to the south. This location may help explain the strange Composition of the Springwater, where unusual ACTIVITY forces Artesian FLOW. I'll ENLARGE:
Investigation of the Springs finds that SIGNIFICANT Arsenic and Flouride are found in some wells. These are ANOMALOUS Compounds, found with FAULTING, particularly where there is RISING WATER from a deep source! The REVERSAL of the Tidal DIRECTION indicates that there are OPENINGS in the subsurface, allowing the anomalous components to RISE. This still does NOT EXPLAIN the excessive EARTH TIDAL Movement. I will search for unusually LARGE QUAKES:
A 6.7 Magnitude Quake occurred at: 49.847N 127.414W, as shown below:
Above occurred on the west side of Vancouver Island, and only Minor ones (3.4 magnitude) were found at Salt Springs Island lately, in 2011.
I have found from ANALYSES of Zion NP, that when there is a Significant RISE, there is reduced Lateral RATE of movement; the Gravitational Attraction producing UPLIFT occurs at the expense of Movement SIDEWAYS (Lateral EXPANSION)! Consequently, the Divisor of 10.24 mm/year must be REDUCED. Referring to the case of the Movement of the Hawaiian Extrusions, which is independantly calculated at 86 mm/yr, the Rate is MAXIMUM at the periphery of a Rotation. I have calculated the RATE for several of these peripheral cases, and it approaches 100 mm/year.
The Rate used for the Olympic ELLIPSE (1776 mm/year) becomes 177.6 mm/yr, when the divisor is 1.024. This I am using because of convenience, since it is unnecessary to re-calculate. Noting that this is approximately twice that for Hawaii, this hints that the divisor should be near .512 mm/yr. 
Using one half (.5 mm/yr) for the divisor in the EQUATION:
3.43km/.5 km/m.y.= 6.86 m.y. and the others may be treated similarly, except for Reginald Hill- which is ANOMALOUS, with its N-S Divider (orthogonal shift).
The RATE of .5 mm/year is low, compared to Zion (3 mm/yr approximately), and the EXPANSE is Larger for the Olympic Ellipse; this should be pursued with the Consideration of Latitude and of the 48N Latitude shift to the NW, for this 45 degree Juan de Fuca turn at Critical COORDINATES.
You should ask "How is it that you assumed .5 mm/yr for Lateral Movement, and ended with 79 mm/yr with the Google CALCULATION?" 
The ANSWER is: This is NOT an ARC Calculation, shown with a succession of eastward LINEARS! This case illustrates that there is "JERK" between 2 separated Mountains (enlarged Mounds), and that the RISE absorbs the dominant part of the Gravitational FORCE creating the Attraction! Consequently, the RETROGRADE TIDAL MOVEMENT EASTWARD is almost Zero, and all that remains is to determine why and what fixed the LOCATION of the uplifted Mountain (being attracted UPWARDLY). This is treated in a separate submission later.

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