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CALIBRATION of the Moon's Inclination from the Ecliptic Plane may be made using the Meteor Crater, near Winslow, AZ

 The Crater is a SINK, as seen on Google Earth, and it STRADDLES the Moon LINE, at 111.1 degrees West Longitude. This is derived from the EQUATION: (360- x)/x= 5.145 degrees- which is the average reported from the literature. This INCLINATION, although slicing N-S through the crater, is somewhat in ERROR, as are all measured or calculated Solar System data. The Crater and its N-S FRACTURES provide an opportunity to CALIBRATE the data, since they represent VISIBLE, APPROACHABLE, DIRECTLY-MEASUREABLE features on the EARTH'S CRUST!
360/6.145= 58.5842148 degrees is SUBTRACTED from the NATURAL Prime Meridian of 169.9W location referenced to Greenwich Meridian. This yields on SUBTRACTION: 111.01579 degrees, or 111d 56.844"W longitude- which divides the Meteor Crater. This finding suggests that the feature is NOT from a Meteor strike, but is a result of the INSTABILITY of the crust at this location- creating a "HOLE". A strike may have coincidenally occurred, since they happen yearly, but the SUGGESTION is that the SHEARING ROTATION occurred at the critical coordinates of 111W and 35.1N, where 360/35.1= 10.26 ratio. This NUMBER is a recurring entity with the Earth's CRUST- where 10.24 occurs in the BINARY SERIES, and 1.024 is the BASE of the BINARY THEOREM (2/10th percent ERROR).

 This Crater LOCATION is privately owned, and the calibration may be made by measuring the N-S FRACTURE at the RIM or along the crater wall on the north or south side. It appears that the Headquarters straddle the AXIS, and it may be fortuituous to find cracks in the CONCRETE there. This TEST could be performed with COMPASS and Visual OBSERVATIONS! It appears that the N-S DIVIDER is off the center line of the crater, and ONLY a personal INSPECTION will determine the CALIBATION. This will yield an INCLINATION ANGLE from the Ecliptic Plane- as seen by Google Earth- and it may be PRACTICALLY more ACCURATE!

Viewing the Hq. Bldg, NOTICE the many fractures, the Venus RATIO of ROTATION, at a RATE of 21.56 degrees in 66 k.y.= .33 degrees/k.y.:

CLOSER up, the FRACTURE PATTERN may be viewed:
The RATIO 1.43 is measured for the ANALEMMA developing at the CRATER BOTTOM! This is the same ratio found at theANOMALY near the Sun LINE and Tropic of CANCER north of Hawaii.
An INDICATION of the various WOBBLES of the Earth, in the TIME INTERVAL of the 66 k.y. HISTORY of the CRATER EXPANSION,  is shown below:

The EQUATION (360- x)/x = ANGLE is very useful. Example is the TILT of the SUN: 7.25 degrees- which is SIMILAR to the 23.5 degree EQUINOXIAL TILT of Earth. This yields 360.8.25= 43.63636, or 125.9636E of the PRIME NATURAL MERIDIAN.This location is shown BELOW:

This is a MYSTERY, NOT  a PUZZLE, and it may be solved with other INPUT. WRITE your COMMENTS below!

The RATIO of the 2 DIAMETERS yield one MEASURE of the SUN'S PATH! It appears to be 3, from this ESTIMATE! This would calculate (360- 4)/4= 89E of the 169.6W ptime= 80.6W of Greenwich. RESTART!  RE-PLOT!

The BROWN LINE is the Sun LINEAR, at 125 57'49.104"W; it is our present REFERENCE!
It calculates a NEW RATIO- 2048/463= 4.423326. Dividing 360/5.423326= 1/.01506479=66.3488. This SUBTRACTED from 169.6W Prime = 103.22W (103 13'12.18") longitude, REFERENCED to Greenwich. This is PLOTTED below:

EXPANDING, the ROTATION of the CRUST is CCW (rising, from FAINT being younger):

The ROTATION RATE is .33 degrees/k.y.- which is in the REALM of my other calculations!

This is a START to finding the Sun's INFLUENCE on the Pacific CRUST and SEAMOUNTS. Our next GOAL is to calculate the MORE PRECISE Tilt of the Sun's AXIS. We are close, but it is NOT at the Tropic of Cancer- which is formed by MOON ATTRACTION!
It appears to be near the 7.25d shown in the LITERATURE,  but will be found with GREATER PRECISION!

TROPIC of Cancer LINE, from Movement of the SUN, annually:
 The TROPIC of CANCER during 2014 lies along the 23d 26'14.675"N parallel; this is equivalent to 23.43714N in decimal units. (360- 24.43714)/24.7314= 13.568291 degrees, which subtracted from the Prime Natural MERIDIAN of 169.6W= 156.03171W of Greenwich. This is shown for the Aleutian Islands below:
Tropic of Cancer line at Aleutians

The Tropic of Cancer, ToC, line is near the 154W line, for the 360/22.5= 16- which is from the 17d Inclination of Pluto (148.42353d or 148d 25'24.708"W). This HIGHLY inclined ORBITAL PLANE is distant, but PROTRUDING away from the Ecliptic Plane the most of all Solar bodies, except for small ASTEROIDS! Evidently ALL of the MAJOR Solar MASSES contribute to the SHEAR of the Earth's Crust. Let's see what the CROSSING of this Meridian and the 23d 26'14.675"W tropic of CANCER latitude presents:
NO ANOMALIES are shown for this INTERSECTION, even though BOTH PERTAIN to the influence of the Sun (it is OVERHEAD at the Summer Sostice)! Let's look at the NA coast:

Above is a REGION of MANY ANOMALIES, but they are NOT connected with that near Hawaii!
WORKING BACKWARDS, using the Longitude of the Baja coast and ToC:
(360/24.6)= 14.96585, or 154.96585E of Diomedes. Find this MERIDIAN:

BINGO! the ERROR is 10 meters for this INTERSECTION and the Tropic of Cancer (at the CALCULATED Sun Line MERIDIAN). The ANOMALY is a FAINT DIAGONAL set of PARALLEL LINEARS. The RATIO of 1.53 denotes another set of Solar System INCLINATIONS however. This will be explored further!

Above is the ENIGMA of the INTERSECTION of the Tripic of Cancer and the ORTHOGONAL at the Sun-INDUCED N-S LINEAR; below is an ATTEMPT to relate the Hf FAULT to Sun's PROGRESSION WEST. The Atlantic ANALEMMA is associated with this LINEAR:
A diagonal SHEARING FEATURE is exhibited EAST of the Big Island of HAWAII- the ACTIVE EXTRUDING site of Kilauea and Mauna Loa:

Above RATIO of 1.43 degrees is REPEATED in the Atlantic, as a LINEAR passing through Iceland, and bordering Greenland. If CORRECT, the SUN is creating the Iceland ONGOING ERUPTIONS!

Iceland above and Greenland, below ALIGN with MAR between Africa and South America:

The Sun's AXIAL TILT, from the Literature at 7.25 degrees, may be Calibrated and CALCULATED from the SEPARATION of Pacific Ocean TRANSFORMS at 7.2 degrees- as a first APPROXIMATION. This will be DERIVED and calculated more ACCURATELY in the next Blog submission.
 ALL of these calculations and EVALUATIONS are subject to IMPROVEMENT as I involve more cases!

To be CONTINUED; make your REMARKS below!

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