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MARINER’S COVE, Whidbey Island, WA is a developing ANALEMMA, a partial FIGURE 8, and is the FULCRUM of a rising portion of a semi-circle of Pleistocene deposits:

Below is a CLASSIC ANALEMMA- a Figure 8; although NORMALLY only HALF is EXHIBITED, this one has almost the entire figure! Notice that there is an ARC CUTTING IT- this DUO is a younger SILTATION overprinting an OLDER ANALEMMA:

 Let’s test the PREVIOUS FINDINGS of other such RISING-SINKING features:
1.       The sinking part of the Figure 8 is smaller than the rising portion, yielding a DIAMETER RATIO of 1.6 or 1.625 (other ratios occur, from other SOLAR MASSES besides Venus- particularly the MOON with its 1.4 to 1.5 ratios, still being explored);
2.       Both CCW and cw rotations occur, and the RISING moves at an ANGULAR RATE which is less than that for the SINK;
3.      The FULCRUM, or ROTATION CENTER, is the lowest in elevation of the local development, and it has MINIMUM LATERAL SHIFT, with MAXIMUM ANGULAR ROTATION RATE;
4.      The sinking half of the larger development (from Silver Lake in this case) tilts away from the rise. Similarly, the rise tilts upwardly from the sink (visualize a PLANE TILTED, with half of it above the sea); and,
5.      A slice, or ARCUATE FAULT, cuts the figure 8, yielding 2 halves ORTHOGONAL (at RIGHT ANGLES) to the Analemma AXIS- lengthwise long portion of the figure 8. This slice is a DIVIDER for the sinking and rising parts of the analemma! We'll check with another such feature:
Sand Mountain, St. George, UT at a FULCRUM- water drainage Center hole:

Notice the CENTER SLICE of the FULCRUM-HOLE; it cuts the hole walls with an ORIENTATION N-S, along the waterway (lowest elevation). Mariner’s Cove EXPANDED FIGURE 8 is shown below, where the DIVIDER ORIENTS NW-SE:

 Where is the CENTER HOLE of this ANALEMMA?

EXPANDED for a greater area:


Expanded, the GOOGLE EARTH DEPTH TOOL is obviously UNRELIABLE (7 ft above sea level), and an INDEPENDANT CHECK is elusive:

A LARGER ANALEMMA (Partial figure 8) is developing at the Marina:
Notice that the CCW/CW RATIO is near 1.5- that for the MOON! The CENTER HOLE or FULCRUM for the LARGER ANALEMMA occurs at the YELLOW COORDINATES.

Silver Lake is ROTATING CCW (RISE), and is circling the Mariners Cove FULCRUM:

Mariner's Cove is expanded to measure the ARCUATE BEACH:
Beach, above, is MEASURED for an ARC CALCULATION; it is influenced by OCEANIC TIDES- requiring that the 1000:1 oceanic/Earth tides ratio be invoked. The next question is: "Is this APPROPRIATE, in view of the small calculated TIME INTERVAL of 30 years? Possibly it is correct, but it looks SUSPICIOUS, since the time is near 1/1000th of the other LINEAR MEASUREMENTS! Some of the residents may have lived to remember the 1983 event! I will question the ol'timers on a HIKE soon, looking for OTHER EVIDENCE of the FIGURE 8 offshore!


The E-W GRIDS are transforms (SHEARING LINEARS) created by the LATERAL GRAVITATION MOVEMENTS of the various SOLAR SYSTEM MASSES; these may be de-ciphered via the length ratios of ADJACENT LINE LENGTHS! A ratio of 1.6 indicates Venus influence- which is the ratio of earth/Venus orbital time. Others fit the SERIES: 1.024, 1.28, 1.6, 2.0, 2.5, 3.125, 3.096, etc. which is N2= 1.25 x N1 or Jupiter = 1.25 x 1.6 for Venus = 2.0, etc. 1.024 is the base of this EQUATION, and linears of its HARMONICS occur throughout the GOOGLE EARTH globe- as 1024 km to 3072 km transforms. These are narrow at first, but gradually EXPAND (EXTEND) orthogonally as time proceeds- developing wider-fainter BLOCKS! The YOUNGER LINEARS are narrower and more distinct:
40 YEAR "TICS" are shown below; these are the shortest EARTHQUAKE PERIODS possible to find with my "SQUINT" and the current GOOGLE EARTH PIXEL SENSITIVITY:

DEPTHS- which are NOT ACCURATE on Google earth, are shown to NOT AGREE with my color assessment!

SILVER LAKE to the Utsalady (Camano Island) fault:
A hike to Polnell Point TOMBOLO shows that a Vertical PLANE FAULT can be viewed on the east side of the rise- trending E-W:

Above, there is VERTICAL DISPLACEMENT, confirming that the SHEAR is vertical and rising on the north side. This is one of the SPLAYS of the WNW-ESE Utsalady LATERAL SHEAR FAULTS, and the AGE may be calculated from the following photos and Google Earth distance-angle tool:

TRANSFORMS, above, are HARMONICS of the base and of MULTIPLES of 40, e.g. 80, 160, 200, 2000, 3000, etc. There occur 2 sets (AT LEAST) of HARMONICS: 100 and 102.4 multiples, which all fit within the BINARY THEORM, but at DIFFERENT SCALES!

AGE may be measured 2 ways, to determine the ACCURACY of this method:
1.     There are COUNTABLE GRIDS- both N-S and E-W; these allow the calculated AGE via use of the N-S TIDAL RATES of 17.48 mm/yr. When there is a complete CIRCLE INDICATED (spiral or almost complete circle), this is the E-W rate also (27.72 to W minus 10.24, E= 17.48); and,
2.     Age is found by ANGULAR CYCLES: 41 (40.96?) m.y. occurs at 400 km displacements, and the HARMONICS of 4.096- 40 km down to 4.096k.y- 40 meters may be used for this case. Cells indicate 32 k.y, compared to 28 by an INDEPENDANT METHOD-, with a 10% variation. These 2 methods yield a confidence indicator!

 The LIMIT of this method is determined by the PIXEL DISPLAY, and limited by my "EYEBALLS" to distinguishing the SMALLEST PATTERNS: 

Let's get the "big picture":

 GOOGLE EARTH has improved photography, where we are now able to determine depth and darkness of water- where the OLDER FEATURES are a deeper hue! The SIMPLE DIFFRACTION ARCS have been displaced!

I'll have more assessments, after making HIKE PHOTOS!

There have been significant earthquakes along the UTSALADY FAULT! 2 Magnitude 5 (RICHTER scale) events have occurred since the 40’s:
A.    January 28, 1045 incurred a FULL MOON EVENT (same day) under LAND east of Camano Island; I had expected the full moon to relate to Normal faults and slumps, but this may have continued the SINKING of the Camano Island-mainland connection; and,
B.    January 26/57 exhibited a NEW MOON QUAKE (4 days prior to darkening of the moon and after a SUPERMOON), under Crescent Harbor; this fits the COMPRESSION-RISING phenomenon, where there would have been an EXPANSION UPWARD of the BASIN FLOOR. Scenic Drive to the west (Oak Harbor, by bay) continues to slump into Oak Harbor Bay, and Naylor Point- between Oak and Crescent Harbors- is a “TIT” which is rising!

We will test the proposition that slumps near bays (adjacent to cliffs) produce RISE QUAKES, while quakes under mainland produce SINKING. Why would that occur? Water absorbs the ENERGY- offsetting violent shaking of the CRUST, while land above sea level creates NOTICEABLE DAMAGE to structures nearby.

Above ROAD is permanently CLOSED, due to periodic SLUMPING into the Bay! Below, it shows the GUARD RAIL hanging on to the adjacent piling:

OAK Harbor to the west has continual EARTH TIDE expansion to the west; this results in SHEARING ARCS PERIODICALLY:

This SLOUGHS or slumps in ARCUATE SHEAR:

What’s the MOON CONNECTION? When the moon and sun are in opposition (FULL, on opposite sides of earth) there is stretching (EXTENSION) of the earth, while there occurs COMPRESSION with the NEW MOON and SUN exerting additional VERTICAL GRAVITATIONAL ATTRACTION on the hump under the two masses!  This should be a time of COMPRESSIONAL-THRUST FAULTS.
Above is a HALF MOON, since the NEW MOON cannot be seen (it is DARK); below is the results of the NEW MOON TRIGGER- which produced the 100,000+ killing in Haiti - 2+ days before the MAXIMUM INFLUENCE):

AFTER HIKING once more, to the COASTAL FIGURE 8:

SCARPS- which occur all 3 sides of the SINK, is shown looking EAST:

The first SCARP- occurring E-W along the beach- exhibits a SANDSTONE (18,000 year Esperance?) which is faulted up to the south:

THRUST has moved to the west, at first, parallel to the UNDERLYING BLUE SILT; it is later ROTATED upwardly CW to exhibit the 4 fingers curving upwardly. This would be a ROTATION younger than the underlying silt- which is NOT ROTATING! This shows that the LATERAL GRAVITATION is SHALLOW, and that there is exhibited a small-younger ARC.

IRON STAIN is indicative of the Esperance, but this could be any sandstone older than the OVERLYING TILL.

ORTHOGONALITY is demonstrated by this OUTCROP: RECTANGLES gradually give way (later) to the 4 fingered CW-ROTATING feature. REMEMBER that a HORIZONTAL CCW RISING hill is underlain by a CW rotation; this occurs whenever the slope (scarp adjacent to the hill) is greater than 45 degrees from horizontal- similar to 2 gears meshing in harmony:
A PEAT LOG has been preserved- tracing N-S  towards Camano Island; this is the direction of WATER DRAINAGE CHANNELS oriented by the original LOXODROME-MERIDIAN. This might be used to determine the AGE, using CARBON 14, where INTERSTADES occurred at 250 k.y., 125,000 years, and 62.5 k.y. PERIODS; the SEPARATION of Camano from Whidbey can be dated by E-W/17.48 or N-S separation/16.24 mm/yr: 

These SEPARATIONS of TRANSFORMS may be used to find QUAKE HISTORY, but this depends upon the QUAKE SIGNIFICANCE (a scale must be developed to relate to DAMAGE- which is the equivalent of the MERCALLI INTENSITY CATEGORIZATION)!

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