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Gravitational Influence on the EARTH’S CRUST- both VERTICALLY and Laterally:

Earth is Vertically-ATTRACTED MONTHLY by the MOON- SUN COMBINATION. During FULL MOON, this produces BULGES on OPPOSITE sides of the crust; but during the NEW MOON, the sun and moon combine to produce the largest bulge- towards the sun. This can be treated with TRIGONOMETRY, since the water and land TIDES are simple SINE WAVES. Since the earth’s crust is somewhat BRITTLE-RIGID, there is a LAG between the force and the occurrence of the bulge. There is no need to invoke CENTRIFUGAL FORCE, since it has been observed that when there are no moons (Venus), there is no equatorial bulge, and when there are many moons (Jupiter) the BULGE IS MAXIMUM. The simplest sine wave is:

 Bulge HEIGHT = constant C x (sine t), where t = angular rate of change x T, with T in time units. This relation applies whenever the couple either combines (for the maximum) or oppose each other (for a reduced tidal effect). In between, there is a lateral effect, where the Moon attracts the crust from an oblique angle- producing LATERAL LAND TIDES. This influence is more difficult to treat mathematically, but the results can be viewed on GOOGLE EARTH, and made to “FIT” a mathematical equation. Linear "JERKS" are effected, and they may approximate CURVILINEARS in some cases; we start with those which are more RARELY NOTICED:

The first DIFFICULTY relates to the ADJUSTMENTS the crust makes to “SHAPE UP” according to the NET FORCES APPLIED. This results in a POLYGON, with LINEAR SIDES, and which is formed by “JERKS”. The number of SEGMENTS or linear sides is a variable, depending on the size of the polygon and its TILT. It fits the EQUATION:

An INTEGER= (360 degrees - X)/X, e.g. where X = 24 degrees, for integer 14. There occur POLYGONS with at least 36 sides, which I have found on Google Earth: (360- 10)/10= 35, which is probably the largest possible. The integer for this case is 35, which occurs for each 10 degrees of MERIDIANAL LONGITUDE. These MERIDIANS are related to a NATURAL PRIME MERIDIAN- which is NOT the Greenwich Meridian 0. The width of the band is the same, but the REFERENCE is DIFFERENT!

The COMMON POLYGONS found in outcrops are:

4 (vertically-fractured strata), 5 (pentagons), 6 (hexagons), 8 (octagons)- as shown below:

These occur RARELY- being EXHIBITED at the FULCRUM of a BASIN or on the CENTERLINE of a ARCUATE ROTATION (Virgin anticline, near Telegraph Road):
That they are a GRAVITATIONAL LATERAL ADJUSTMENT, forming on a rising feature, is shown for a SLANTED EXHIBIT:
Polygons with more than 8 sides are found in REGIONAL GOOGLE EARTH VIEWS; these are too large to find in outcrops, although I have inferred cases where a half decagon is exhibited:

The KEY to all this is the SLOPE or TILT of the outcrop; VERTICALLY, there occurs the view all geologists want- the normal fractured 4 sided formations. Sloping at least 30 degrees produces what lies BEHIND- the PENTAGON, and finally for the ridge HEXAGONS or OCTAGONS:


LINEAR SEGMENTS are numbered for ease of counting- there usually occur 12-13 for the MOON CYCLE, but 6 are normally dipping DOWNWARD as opposed to 6 RISING, above.

The complete rotation of a POLYGON or CURVILINEAR cannot be found because of an intervening sink or rise (an example is the Honeymoon Spiral at the border of UT and AZ- along the Hurricane Fault, Hf):

Notice the "JERKS" in the VERTICAL SHEAR FACES, as the dead end BOX CANYON is rotated over a period of a few thousand years:

Almost circular features (polygons) are exhibited along coastlines, and for volcanoes they are 24 sided, with an angular separation of 15 degrees. These are so common, that they produce small bays or protrusions for Cape Hatteras and Crater Lake, OR:

Crater Lake, OREGON exhibits 4 large "TITS", but there are several minor ones- developing with passage of time:
These PROTRUSIONS are regularly-formed after the MAIN BLAST- these may be termed RESURGENT DOMES or later FLOWS, but the exhibition shows that the influence of the GRAVITATIONAL ATTRACTION and "twist" continues for many years. Volcanos rotate CCW while RISING, but sink with CW movements- consequently, creating FAULT REVERSAL (such as I have seen at WOODCHUTE, Black Hills, and at the first extrusion north of Sedona, AZ- Parker Mt?). This is not a reverse fault, necessarily, but a REVERSAL of movement along the same slanted FAULT PLANE!
IMPLICATIONS of this finding are significant:

1. Two LINEARS separated by a measured angle allow determination of the number of sides in the polygon: e.g. two 300 km linears separated by 15 degrees rotation indicates a 24 sided figure with an ALMOST-CIRCUMFERENCE of 4500 km. The TIME to develop this large feature is approximately 4500/15 km/m.y.= 300 m.y. The Colorado Plateau, CP, is 800 km wide, and it has formed E-W, with a divisor of 20, yielding approximately 40 m.y. in development (you can check this with the initial VOLCANIC EXTRUSIONS at Llano Quemado, NM- near Taos: 41 m.y. AGE):

The POLYGON does not have EQUI-DISTANT LINEARS over its trace, and you will have to SEARCH for ANGULARLY-SHIFTING linear features:
Capulin Volcano is a TIT" protruding eastward from CP PROPER:
2. Intersection of 2 linears is a zone of DESTRUCTION-DISTURBANCE; this was the case for the VIOLENT QUAKE at Haiti. Finding the INFLECTION or INTERSECTION of 2 linears is a NOTICE or WARNING!

3. Great changes in Temperature T and Stress P are noticed for inflections or LINEAR DEVIATIONS. Mineral deposits, vulcanism, earthquakes, and violence can be ANTICIPATED!

 You should now ask "Why have you invested all PREVIOUS EFFORT in CURVILINEARS, and now "launch off" toward jerking linears- which are NOT ARCS?"
 I am still trying to determine which is DOMINANT, and suspect that GRAVITATION FROM PLANETARY INFLUENCE operates in yearly or multi-year cycles (such as Jupiter); These are smooth from  the smallest view, but we can never find that view (or at least it takes considerably more effort). The SIMPLEST approach is to find the CURVILINEARS, and then expand these to view the details- which PROBABLY ALWAYS will be seen as "JERKS"! However, look at this SIMPLE SMALL DEVELOPMENT (on a few THOUSAND years SCALE- 8000, more precisely), and you will see a perfectly smooth CURVED BEACH- formed regardless of the trash impeding its progress:

If you are INDOCTRINATED with a culture which says that OCEANOGRAPHY has nothing to do with GEOLOGY, you will ignore this finding; best to investigate how OCEAN TIDES, EARTH TIDES, CIRCULAR LOOP OCEAN CURRENTS, and Meteorology ALL OPERATE under the SAME RULES- VERTICAL and LATERAL GRAVITATIONAL SHEARING MOVEMENTS!
A Decagon is exhibited above (10 SIDES)
Death Valley is an EXCELLENT CASE to study, because you can see SLICKENSIDES in Golden canyon (showing direction of lateral movement), Sand Dunes shaped in an ANALEMMA, Alluvial Fans of a m.y. AGE, and SPLIT EXTRUSIONS along the entrance road:
An iron-oxidized EXTRUSION:
An ALLUVIAL FAN of 1 m.y. AGE:


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