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LAKE MALHEUR, OREGON is a shallow Pleistocene (ICE AGE) FEATURE, which demonstrates the progression of an E-W LINEAR to a TRAPEZOIDAL CONFIGURATION in the EARTH’S CRUST. The Google earth exhibit has CIRCULAR CONCENTRIC RINGS, which “JERK” periodically to enlarge and TIME-DATE the POLAR WOBBLE.

Lake Malheur is a young lake, forming during the time of MAN. It is presently enlarging, so that the youngest to the oldest DATE RINGS may be viewed and delineated. The youngest occur as an E-W LINEAR, which slowly transform into a TRAPEZOID for the oldest widest COASTLINE (enlarging along the N-S Axis):

This is in DESERT COUNTRY, near the town of BURNS, OR; the lake is shallow, due to evaporation, and the bottom of the lake may be seen to exhibit concentric features with regular separation:

Lake Malheur ,OR

The separation occurs with PERIODIC “JERKS” or discontinuous EARTH TIDAL MOVEMENTS, which enlarges the size of the EXHIBITS. It is a fresh water lake, but has a companion to the west which is an EVAPORITIC BASIN with saline deposits (PLAYA, or PERIODIC DRYING SINK):
PERIODIC "JERKS" in the bottom sediments reveal that the lake opens E-W as a LINEAR, GRADUALLY EXPANDS N-S, and slowly reveals how GRAVITATIONAL LATERAL MOVEMENT PROGRESSES. The E-W EXPANSION is smaller than the N-S ENLARGEMENT, and a TRAPEZOIDAL CONFIGURATION RESULTS:
I have placed a N-S LINEAR at the DRY LAND BORDER to the west; this is difficult to confirm, since the CURVILINEARS are dim, and they APPROACH LINEARITY. Looking at the Larger view, there is another LINEAR ORIENTED at an angle to the one above- near Harney Lake to the west (a saline older lake from the Pliestocene):
A TIME INTERVAL (PROBABLY the AGE) is calculated from the NE QUADRANT of Harney; this quardrant has 10.24 mm/yr movement, but the SUBSEQUANT MOVEMENT of the region is eastward to Lake Malheur- the ENE compass direction. The MOVEMENT RATE CALCULATED from the YOUNGER Lake Malheur is near 22mm/yr- which pertains to a WEST movement. This indicates westward EARTH TIDES, NEAR the normal rate (20.48 mm/year) for North America (the MOON DOMINATES this side of the BASIN and RANGE- the western side of the COLORADO PLATEAU and BASIN and RANGE DUO). NOTE: for any CRUSTAL BLOCK, there are 4 quadrants, and the pertinent RATES are 10.24 EAST, 20.48 NW, and 30.72 mm/year SW MOVEMENT for the exact QUADRANT BORDER CENTERS:
There is another ANOMALY ANALYSIS NECESSARY! The WESTERN USA is normally moving westward with NET TIDAL SHIFT; but although the HARNEY calculation exhibits this western movement, the YOUNGER LAKE MALHEUR DOES NOT! Resort to the literature reveals a possible explanation: A SUBSEQUENT (laterTIME) BLOCKING IGNEOUS DAM has interfered with the normal connection of the 2 lakes. This can result in a RISE WITHIN A SINK- which is almost always the case, when there has been sufficient passage of time! There has occurred a REVERSAL of MOVEMENT BETWEEN LAKES (which is what the WHITE-COLORED LINEAR RELATES).
I have placed this entire ANALYSIS just for UNDERSTANDING of the TRAPEZOIDAL DEVELOPMENT by GRAVITATIONAL LATERAL PROGRESSION (I JUST HAPPENED TO "drive by" and couldn't resist a HIKE and EARTH BREAK!). The entire feature can be seen ELSEWHERE in the PARIA PLATEAU, as an almost-TRAPEZOID. The corners are "rounded off" with TIME, and may be viewed most CRITICALLY at the SW CORNER:
The SW CORNER is "lipped up" to the south, and reveals the GREATEST CHANGE (at the SW, due to the largest TIDAL MOVEMENT RATES for the entire PLATEAU):
ANOMALOUS LAKE MALHEUR is surrounded by OLDER RISES which have moved WESTERLY in Pliocene times. Consequently, the ICE AGE is an event which DISTURBS the previous west TIDAL MOVEMENTS. The SHEARING ROTATIONS not only gyrate from low to high (EXTENSION to compression), but they reverse the normal direction to an EASTERLY shift! Remember that an EARTH movement closer to the sun incurs faster rotation and shrinkage of diameter, and vice versa! A GRAVITATIONAL EVENT NAMED ELTANIN is correlated with the ICE AGE, and the earth is pulled away from the sun in an ELLIPTICAL ORBIT. These orbits are 100 k.y. in duration, and there were at least 20 of them; between 2 outward movements, there occurs an INTERSTADE- accelerating, shortening the distance to the sun, warming with the closer position, and COMPRESSION-CREATING THRUST FAULTING!
An example of an INTERSTADE BETWEEN TWO RISING COMPRESSIONAL FEATURES OCCURS at Double Bluff, Whidbey Island, WA, where 2 ORTHOGONAL CORNERS surround an INTERMEDIATE FEATURE- an INTERSTADE, with PEATS, BOG DEPOSITS, and LIQUIFACTION INDICATIONS at the boundaries of the RISES. This case occurs within one CYCLE- LESS THAN 250 k.y. Thrusting has brought up the normally-buried peats, and sinking has allowed new BOGS to occur!
Lake Malheur SPIRAL REQUIRES 23 m.y. to complete (EXTRAPOLATION, by CALCULATION (NOT LIKELY that a spiral will successfully complete, since an INTERVENING, INTERFERING PROTRUSION or RISE W ILL OCCUR!).
Malheur Lake to Crow Camp Hills, ABOVE.

It's not likely that I will return to this LAKE MALHEUR (Spanish BAD LUCK, or bad discovery) feature, since HIKING PLAYA LAKES IS FOR LIVESTOCK! But those living near this lake may want to look more closely.


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