Sunday, April 22, 2012

Separation of Moon from Earth with TIME

SUMMARY: (MOON AND SEPARATION RATE) Gravitational Waves impinge upon mass in two MODES: SPATIAL ARRANGEMENT and FRAGMENTATION. Consequently, the Moon has moved away from the Earth at two distinct rates: .2519 NOW and 5.159 km/m.y. EARLY. The fragmentation zone exists at CRITICAL TIMES and SEPARATIONS of mass, for the EARTH-MOON ASSOCIATION: 3.787 and 1.024 b.y., resulting in ejection of earth’s outer crust. This is still in effect, causing breakup of CRUST at 256, 64, 16, 4, and 1 m.y., on to 15,625 years for PUGET SOUND and 3906.25 years ago at Cape Hatteras.
The distance between EARTH and MOON is 384,400 km, and this INCREASES with time (due to earth slowing and increasing its distance from the sun). The measured rate established by GPS reflector placed on the moon surface is 38 mm/year increase. Ignoring measurement imprecision, this yields a RATIO of 10,115 km/km/m.y, which is approximately the magnitude of the years calculated from the SOUTH POLE of the Moon Crater: AGE = 2500 km/.2519 km/m.y. (established by 20.48 km/m.y. LUNAR TIDE x .0123 mass ratio). THIS IS AN INACCURATE AGE = 9924.57 m.y. - which is much older than the earth!
It is known from many measurements, that our Moon is no older than 4.6 b.y. This can be a re-worked CALCULATION, using the SIMPLIF IED assumption of LINEAR CHANGE with TIME, with the following procedure: a. Part of the linear change can be assumed to be correct, since that part is occurring NOW; b. An earlier part of the movement is much faster, and can be first-approximated by use of the BINARY THEOREM, since it has proven to be unusually prescient about all that I have calculated for earth; c. It has been calculated from Moon data that there was a LATE HEAVY BOMBARDMENT at the time of 3.8 b.y.; d. (20.48 x .2519 km/my), or 5.159 km/my x (4096 km,BINARY- 3800 m.y. OTHER WORKERS) = 296 m.y. x 5.159= 1527 km; e. 2500 km (S. Pole crater)- 1527 km= 972.96 km difference, from boundary (3.8b.y) part. The RATIO of later/earlier = 2500/1527 km= 1.6372, near the established magnitude for many features on earth, of 1.6 or 1.62, from the BINARY THEOREM. The difference is at most 2%, which MIGHT be improved, by using 2519 km, for the South Pole crater diameter. I WANT THREE SIGNIFICANT FIGURES! 5.159 km/m.y. (4096- 3800 m.y.)= 1527 km, yields 992km, earlier; 2519 – 1527km= 992 km, with a RATIO of 1.6496- WRONG TREND! DISCARD- THIS IS ON THE TRACK OF THE WRONG CALCULATION (by OTHERS)! Assuming that the 3.8 b.y. calculation is likely the source of the 2% error, the BINARY THEOREM indicates that the LATE BOMBARDMENT DATE is likely 3.797 b.y. (296 m.y. x 1.0115= 299 m.y.*). 5.159 x (4096- 3797), 299= 1543 m.y., EARLIER; RATIO = 2500/1543= 1.62. WE NOW HAVE the LATE BOMBARDMENT occurring at 3.797 b.y., the change of distance separation is 5.159 (EARLY) compared to the .2519 km/m.y (LATE), for the two linear portions of the DISTANCE VS. TIME CURVE, and the MOON is INCREASING ITS MASS at the EXPENSE OF EARTH in the early days. This was an extraordinary event- much larger and more destructive than the later PRECAMBRIAN GREAT UNCONFORMITY of 1.024 b.y.! *NOTE: the 1.0115 multiplier is that found by the RATIO of 384,400/38,000/10 km/b.y. lunar separation rate. Moon departed from the earth 1% earlier than expected (from the 3.8 b.y. transition LATE HEAVY BOMBARDMENT AGE). GRAVITATION is somewhat influenced by EXTRA-SOLAR EVENTS.

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