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FORTY ONE MILLION YEARS AGO, an EVENT occurred which started the RISE of THE SIERRAS

41 million years ago an event produced the SIERRAS and SLIDING of the Gulf of Mexico sediments, and this is shown by the 1st NORTHERN PACIFIC TRANSFORM and the KIMMEI 41 m.y. SEAMOUNT.
Searching GOOGLE EARTH, I have found a number of simultaneous changes in the CRUST of the EARTH- which taken together indicate a MAJOR CHANGE in the POLAR ORIENTATION:
1. North of Mendocino, CA (the most western cape in North America, south of Alaska) there occurs subduction to the north and WEST EARTH TIDAL MOVEMENT to the south. The dating of this is found in the Eocene sedimentary rock at near the Olympic Peninsula, WA;
2. The Kimmei seamount marks the re-orientation of the Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain from a southerly to a southeasterly TRACE;
3. The Gulf of Mexico deep water circular arrangement underwent a change from simple rotation to SLIDING OF THE BOTTOM SEDIMENTS, where the calculated date is 41 m.y.;
4. The Sierras may be dated for emergence by the curvature of the arc, and these simultaneously shove the first BLOCK of OCEANIC CRUST to the west (from the 1st to 2nd transform- a distance of 7.2 degrees latitude or 1/50th of the circumference of the earth. A fiftieth of 40 K km is 800 km- the distance along the Sierras, allowing for the NW angle of the trend;
5. Central America has been rotated into the shape of an ANALEMMA similarly to that of the Aleutian
Spiral, starting 41 m.y. by calculation from the arcuate arrangement. This Analemma pre-dates all this, since it is determined by the yearly Moon-Sun gravitational influence, but the date of event depends upon the curvature of the arc (which depends upon the magnitude of the diameter of the feature); while the Aleutian Spiral is some 80 m.y. in formation, Central America is smaller in extent;
6. The first significant extrusion at the eastern side of the Colorado Plateau (basaltic vulcanism) occurred in the Taos Valley at Llano
Quemado (burnt plain), NM- dated at 41 m.y. by radioactivity, and,
7. The E-W orientation of the Uinta Mts, UT of this PreCambrian feature occurred after Eocene deposition.
All of this taken together indicates that a MAJOR EVENT caused a re-orientation of the POLES. This is further substantiated by the circular configuration of the immediately-adjoining seamounts and GRID PATTERNS to the east. Since there was undoubtedly (previous to 41 m.y.) earth tide drift, Analemma formation, and other gravitational influence, there had to be something not noticed before- a change of TILT of the poles. Polar tilt angle is accompanied by noticeable change of angles of shear in the CRUST, while AXIAL WOBBLE is accompanied by FLAT-and-LEVEL CYCLES- which produce features such as the COLORADO PLATEAU, CP. The Kimmei reaction to the east produced both shear angle changes, seamounts, in addition to GRIDLINES.
ANALYSIS of the 41 m.y. EVENT, DISPLAYED in many OUTCROPS The first notice of the 41 m.y. was found in the Kimmei Seamount- a fulcrum of the rotation of the HI-Emperor Chain. The rotation of the chain at that point is not precise, and the 45 degree turn takes a few million years to make the transition of the chain to one of roughly NW-SE orientation. This slow transition seems to be typical of these earth movements- where the PTr, or Permian-Triassic transition, (which left most fossils absent in the Triassic) required a few million years to allow the Petrified remains of trees to become obvious. Later, it was noticed that the calculated 41 m.y. event was found in the Aleutian Spiral, the Central American curlicue, the rise of the Sierras, the initiation of basaltic extrusion in the llano Quemado (Taos, NM), and the start of over-ride of the Olympic Peninsula. The 40N latitude Mendocino TRANSFORM connects with the large rotation at the Kimmei seamount, and this slice has replicated itself many times- calculated to have occurred since 192 m.y. AGE. There are as many as 5 slices parallel- roughly- to each other. Previously, I have indicated that the 41 m.y event is related to the change of the angle of the EQUINOX, from a smaller magnitude to that near the present 23.5 degrees, by the relation: 41m.y./2 m.y. ELTANIN EVENT= 20.5- a harmonic of the EARTH’S “ ringing” mechanism, where 360 degrees refers to a circumference of approximately 40,000 km (38,197 km/3 degrees of longitude- less than 5% deviation). There is still doubt as to the applicability of the number 41, compared to 40.96 m.y., as would be indicated by the BINARY THEOREM. The hundredth harmonic of the series: .02, .04, 08, .16, .32, .64, 1.28, 2.56, 5.12, 10.24, 20.48, and 40.96 indicates that this should be the magnitude of such cycles as the MILANKOVITCH AXIAL ROTATION, and the age of the MOON, in b.y. since the measured radioactivity AGES of such events as KT (65 m.y.) and PTr (251) have a less than 4% variation from the BINARY THEOREM (64 and 256 m.y.), I take this to be the departure due to non-gravitational influences. These could be due to magnetic-electrical, thermal, or extra-SOLAR event, and I have made NO DETERMINATION of the one which is pertinent to GRAVITY ALONE. WE CAN EXPLORE the pertinence of both by use of RATIOS, such as the EARTH/VENUS ORBITAL CYCLES (days/year)= 1.62, from calculation, and from ccw features/cw rotations of crust- such as ANALEMMAS shown by the Aleutian Spiral, DAILY WEATHER LOW/HIGH PRESSURE CELLS, or by measured diameters of CP/B&R ARCUATE FEATURES in the EARTH’S CRUST. I have measured both 1.6and 1.62, so that the evidence presents a MIXED BAG. CALCULATIONS YIELD: 40 k.y. AXIAL WOBBLE/25 k.y. PRECESSIONAL= 1.6, but the Precessional angle varies over a cycle from 21.5 to 24.5 degrees (literature reported), so that 40/21.5= 1.86, to 40/24.5= 1.63. The present calculation is: 40/23.5= 1.70- which yields NO CONCLUSION! ALTERNATIVELY, 40.96/21.5= 1.9; 40.96/24.5= 1.67, and these are close to: 41/21.5= 1.907; 41/24.5= 1.673. it appears that the RATIO 1.63, for 40,000/25.5 k.y. is closest to the 1.6 ratio I get from GOOGLE EARTH, so that I will continue to amass data which is measured, and NOT CALCULATED! Below and ABOVE is that for the COLORADO PLATEAU/BASIN and RANGE:

The following is CONJECTURE, since there is a disparity between the radio-dated 2.15 m.y. ELTANIN EVENT, and the BINARY THEOREM indicated time of 2 million years:
The AGE of the Kimmei seamount has been measured by geologists at 41 m.y. This is not precise, since there is a gradual turn in the HAWAIIAN-EMPEROR SEAMOUNT chain, and the exact correlation of this inflection with the MENDOCINO TRANSFORM (starting at 40N+ latitude at the CA cape) has some imprecision. The first indication of a correlation with CRUSTAL WOBBLING is that the 41 m.y. age is 1000 x 41 k.y. This Milankovitch magnitude for the AXIAL WOBBLE of the earth may more likely 40.96 k.y. as predicted by the BINARY THEOREM. Nevertheless, when the 41 m.y. time is divided by 20.5 degrees POLAR TILT, at the extreme end of the gradually-changing PRECESSIONAL CYCLE, the result is 2 million- the AGE of the ELTANIN EVENT. You may ask why degrees of tilt has anything to do with time? This is further complicated by the measurement of the angle of the TROPICS of CANCER and CAPRICORN- which are presently changing at about 23.5 degrees of Latitude (tilt of the poles angle, producing this angle RELATIVE to the equator). Presently, the precession of the poles is measured in a cycle of 21.5 to 24.5 degrees and I will check to determine if modern GPS measurements have made this more precise. The cycle of change, as calculated by Milankovitch, also varies near 25 k.y. so that this is your answer as to how time is related to degrees of tilt.
I conjecture that the angle of TILT, pre-41 m.y. was 20.5 degrees, and that the instability of the CRUSTAL MOVEMENTS created not only the shift of the TILT, but also the multi-present finding of many ELTANIN (2 m.y.)indications. This would involve circular SINKS, BASINS, and sinkholes (vertical cavities) in the crust, with a diameter of either 20.48 or 10.24 meters (or some multiple of this diameter). These would all have occurred within the last 2 m.y., or since the ICE AGE. You can refer to previous BLOGS in this series, to find the appearance of many sinkholes near the Mogollon Rim, AZ, NV, and NM, and to Florida where they are asserted to be formed by dissolution of limestone sub-surface.
Is it possible that this change of the PRECESSIONAL TILT can be due to some exterior influence- such as a meteor strike or close-approach of an asteroid? Based on the appearance of vertical sinkholes, as opposed to an angular approach of all meteors I have witnessed, I DO NOT CONFIRM! This is based only on the finding that sinkholes are related to the ELTANIN EVENT, and there are other possibilities. Events such as the TUNGUSKA EVENT show that close encounters do significant damage, and I leave it to the measurements of tilt jerk to further present evidence.

NOTE: the difference between the ELTANIN AGES is about 7%, and this is getting close to my ENGINEERING TOLERANCE. I Leave it to the astrophysical record keepers to find whether there was a PRECESSIONAL SHIFT at the 42 m.y. AGE.

JUPITER and its influence on measurable CYCLES in the EARTH’S CRUST:
The revolution of Jupiter about the sun (its period or year) requires 11.9 earth years, because of its much greater distance from ‘ol sol, and its much greater mass. This may approximated by the number 12, and this allows it to magnify or diminish the diameter of the arcuate features (mounds) found in Omni-present ELLIPSES of 12 or 13 features, due to the sun-moon intermitting; these range from the well-known MIMA MOUNDS to the stark metamorphosed mountains alongside the Alaskan inner passageway. As the FULL MOON monthly twists and compacts an isolated mound, it creates a TERRACE in the direction of “twist”. This compaction reduces the porosity of the inner protrusion, gradually eliminating all pore space; at this point metamorphism begins. With millions of years of compaction, twisting, and porosity reduction, the mound becomes a mountain. It appears to gain elevation, but that is only because millions of years of erosion lowers the base above the landscape. I haven’t yet solved metamorphism for a curvilinear mountain range, like the Sierras on the east side, but I expect it to be done in the shallow crust also.
Now we see that the change of diameter of mounds laterally in an ELLIPSE of MOUNDS is done by the conjunction or opposition of Jupiter with the continual attraction of the crust of the earth by the sun. The intermittent location of mounds in a pattern of 12-13 is effected by the Moon, since it is FULL and exerting its dominance ONLY PART of the TIME. The larger of the mound diameters would be effected by the conjunction of Jupiter and the full moon operating for only a few months of the time that Jupiter magnifies the Lunar INTERMITTENCY (CONJUNCTION of EARTH, MOON and JUPITER.
THESE COLUMNS are formed by SHRINKING, whenever COOLING and ROTATION of the mass forms both LATERAL and VERTICAL FRACTURES:
NEXT, I will investigate as to how the VARIOUS LINEARS (NOT CURVILINEARS) help in determining the AGE and LATERAL SLICING of the CRUST. The outstanding example is that of BAJA PENINSULA (which has measured outcrop ages in th MESOZOIC). This is shown below, where a 1777 km linear cuts through the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez). It exhibits a length, which is a part of the simplest DIVISION of the Crust, for rotating the largest exhibitions of the crust in SEGMENTS:
THERE are smaller blocks of crust, and a readily-viewed segment (in the shape of a trapezoid) exists within the city limits of Hurricane, UT:
ABOVE is a GOOGLE EARTH PHOTO of the Florida eninsula, which is a TONGUE of sedimentary UPLIFT, PROCEEDING from the POSTLUDE of PTr and KT EVENTS. This is now a classic ENTITY- occurring in the ATMOSPHERIC WEATHER CELLS, where the CELLS may be watched daily. This tongue turns into an ANALEMMA ON SUBSEQUENT DAYS (A FIGURE 8), and the progression of events may be observed in days on SATELITE VIEW, as occurs on a million years basis for HIGH VISCOSITY ROCK (the ratio of viscosities is a measure of the Ratio of TIMES- roughly 10exp 10 X).

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