Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Man vs. Moon and Woman vs. sun

Pasque (Easter)
We cannot divorce ourselves from the gods of the Past-
They live on, partly because of their having some connection to real events or activities in the Universe. In this case, the Moon influences all who observe the relation of their crops to the annual cycle. Farmers in my home state of Arkansas would plant according to the phase of the moon. But since Science has shown that the sun is the source of our sustenance, via Light- the ultimate energy- we are no longer Moonstruck.
Now we relegate the moon to lovers and wolf lore. Everyone having a pet animal finds the connection to the animal world (the dog is our bridge) in the behavior we now categorize as Psychology.
But the Moon is still there in our Psyche- exerting its force on woman and her cycle. Possibly Men ignore it, except through courtship, forgetting that their week is re-started on Monday. Sunday is the real start of the week, after all, and we think that our drive for the week is related to the solar infusion of energy.
Easter is based on reality, even though the Church has subverted the original connection with the Moon and the Vernal Equinox. Although the Equinox is determined by the Sun’s light crossing the plane of the Ecliptic (the plane made by the annual revolution of the Earth about the Sun), it is really the tilt of the Earth in relation to the Equinox that determines the first day of spring. This event is real for us, because of its influence over all things exposed to Light. Our gardens depend upon this infusion of energy, and although we do not immediately relate to Solar Energy in this time of artificiality, the influence is there constantly.
Although the popular saying now is that Man and Woman are separated such as Venus and Mars, they really are influenced separately by the Sun and the Moon. Man lives by the manipulation of the Sun’s energy, while the warmer conventions of Life are carried through Woman.
But the Moon has not the same cycle, or even a harmonic of the Sun’s cycle. A solar year is near 365 ¼ days, for our annual revolution about the Ecliptic, while the moon’s cycle is near 29 ½ rotations. The Moon is always facing us, due to its bulge locked onto the eternal gravitational attraction to Earth, so we see only 28 rotations of the Earth in one Moon revolution. But the not seen rotation is one made while rotating exactly once while making one revolution. Although 30 days goes into 360 day year 12 times, for a 12 month year, 28.5 into 365.25 yields 12.8+ cycles, for the Moon. If we have a real conflict, the reason is due to the Moon changing positions relative to the sun continually.
My connection to Easter was via the Pasque Flower (genus Pulsatilla), which bloomed regularly near the start of spring, right out from under the edge of the snow. When I would open the mountain cabin, there it would be waiting for me. Although it has a striking pale blue bloom, it is toxic and was used by the Blackfoot Indians to induce childbirth (another strange connection with the Moon and the 9 month gestation cycle).
Easter has a nomenclature derived from the sun goddess- who dominates the morning sun (in the east). Other arbitrary affiliations include the Jewish Passover and the time of religious events. The only real significance is the relation to the Vernal equinox on March 21, but the relation of the crucifixion and the full moon has fixed it in our culture.

Live by the Sun, Aspire by the Moon

Although the solar rays effect vitality for me,
The Lunar Tides create my Spirituality.
How the Crescent beams tug upon my Psyche-
Monthly diverting me from the Material.

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upsharsin, goes my Soul-
The rational making a schism from my Self.
But the Moon slyly resonates from within-
Yearning, yearning, ever yearning for Spiritual Harmony.

Therein lies the rub-
The Annual cycle of Life perturbs the Menstrual
We cycle off the Moon, while sustaining from the Sun-
A conflict ensuing from Lunar Chance.

Eastward, eastward go the Tides,
Slyly rotating through the Flesh-
Dexterously moving all that matters Dextrally,
Until the Dust, to which all things return.

Harness, harness- use consistently the Will,
To positively go towards fickle Destiny-
Creating against forever-beckoning avarice,
The Solace of the Soul.

Harold L. Overton