Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Views of Scenery near Lake Powell, sent by Karen Hughes

Lake Powell is shrinking rapidly, with our drought conditions- accelerated by Global Warming- Notice the High Bathtub Ring.

Our Striking Colors of Outcropping Rocks are due to the Highly Oxidized Sediments in the Mesozoic, as well as Desert conditions now (in Late Paleozoic time, the massive outpouring of Oxygen from vast new forests displaced the previous dominant CO2 atmosphere- moving CO2 into limestones).

Dry Arroyas offer the best chance to view Ancient Rock Formations, untrammelled by man (But not after Recent Rains)

Call to Hikers

Come take a walk with me today-
We’ll climb a high hill,
Sampling her creation along the way.

We’ll live in our mind’s eye awhile,
Seeing things she did so long ago.
The curt breeze will mask our bootsteps,
While we remember how it was in our childhood-
The collectible stones, the new valleys.
How fresh it all was!

We’ll see the young lavas,
How warm they were yesterday,
When our senses had no imprint of history.
How we laughed at the rocks sliding,
Rushing to cross our paths,
Long before there was such a thing as anxiety.

We’ll cross trickling streams,
If we’re lucky enough for spring rains-
Our hands will slap the cold waters,
Taking the place of bare slender feet.

We’ll love life- once again.

Harold L. Overton