Monday, September 24, 2007

Termination of Salmon Season and return to UT via Mammoth L. ,CA

Glenn Wasson’s Hiking Pole rejoinder:

A hiker whose tastes were baroque
Made a cane of poisonous Oak.
No one understood
This was the real wood
People thought it was a knotty old joke.

Glenn offered $20 to the one naming the tree trunk from which his staff was carved- Anita correctly guessed Poison Oak, and gleefully claimed the Prize (after everyone else had failed). Notice that they are standing on columnar basalts, which appear as floor tiles, after they were smoothed by mountain glaciers in the last Ice Age!

The Mono Lake has no fish, but abundant brine shrimp and flies

Petroglyphs near the Village of Chalfont (North of Bishop, CA) are vastly different than Anasazi (note the unusual symbol of a "leaking Gourd").

Owed to the Lagoon-a Point well taken
(Composed near Lagoon Point, Whidbey Island, where I caught over 100 pounds of Silver and Pink salmon this season).

O, massive salmon in your lair
I cast a treble note in the air;
It zinged, it hummed, it made a spell,
It rang in rhythm, like a bell.
You saw the flash, you saw the lure,
You took the symbol to conjure
A symbol of the future brood-
That you would broadcast while in mood-
But you have harmonized with a man,
And now you feed a larger PLAN-
Your genes will implant about my mind
A greater view of all your kind;
I'll cast again a larger thing-
An icon which will certain bring
A greater prosperity for us all,
So both will stand, and neither fall.

Harold L. Overton