Thursday, May 10, 2007

Warmed by Sun and Washed by the Rain

Keys to the storehouse, gave She me-
Answering an ancient worldly plea-
(When arbitrary ones cannot agree)
The great unvarnished must be free

To bypass the Dogma of the day,
And see the Rainbow in its’ way-
As shared by Light and Rain- to say
That High Priests’ signs do not betray

The unthinking ones so great desire
To harmonize all Life, and yes inspire
The inner Soul (which does require
That all existence must conspire

To fit like Hand and Glove as one)
To feel the urgings of the Sun
Resolving conflicts which are won-
Which, mischievously, are the Favored’s fun,

Which divert the many, to entrain
the fruits of labor, for the Gain
Of all designers who disdain
Those warmed by Sun and washed by Rain.

Harold L. Overton