Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Snakes Rattle and Roll!

Since I have been "struck at" as they say in Arkansas, by a cobra, one Cottonmouth, several "dormant" rattlesnakes, and a pink coral snake, I am going to forego my usual attempt to maintain decorum with my EARTH Blog, and make a sashay into Biology with the following rendition sent by my erstwhile comrade:

Glenn Wasson's compadres in a writing group have been encouraging him to submit
something to the Rattlesnake Press, an active literary organization
based in Sacramento. The following doggerel was accepted for
in their June 2007 issue:


A literary genre for RATTLESNAKES!?
How horrible, for Heaven's sakes.
But since you seem to like Sidewinders
Here's a couple of more reminders.

You probably never thought to get
A reptile for a family pet.
There are many breeds, so take a chance
With a Cobra, Asp, or Fer de Lance.

They'll rid your house of unwanted guests;
Likewise rats and mice and other pests.
They won't leave hair on your divan,
They'll coil beneath it when they can.

Snakes don't scratch or bark at night;
As a general rule keep out of sight.
You can entertain them with a flute-
With flicking tongues they're awfully cute.

You only feed them once a week
Which keeps them pacified and sleek.
They make no mess, they're serpentine,
There'll be no litter box to clean.

They glide with grace and love to flex
And loop around young ladies' necks
They'll speak to you if you care to listen
All they need is a pit to hiss in.


I must go now. My pet Cobra keeps getting out and I must find him
before he eats another one of my canaries. I think he's hiding in the
guest bedroom.