Monday, April 16, 2007

The Blue-tailed Fly

The Blue-tailed Fly (Jan 04, last 3 verses are mine)

When I was young, I used to wait
On my master and bring him his plate,
And Pass the Bottle, when he got dry-
And brush away the Blue-tailed Fly.

Oh- Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care, CHORUS
Jimmy crack corn, and I don’t care;
Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care-
My master’s gone away.

One day he bought himself a steed
To keep himself above the weed,
But the pony became a little shy
When bothered by the blue-tailed fly.

One day, he rode around the farm-
The flies so numerous, they did swarm-
One chanced to bite him on the thigh;
The devil take the Blue-tailed Fly.

The horse began to roll and pitch,
He threw my master in the ditch;
He died and the jury wondered why-
The verdict was the Blue-tailed Fly.

They laid him ‘neath a ‘simmon tree-
His epitaph was there to see-
Beneath this stone I’m forced to lie,
The victim of the Blue-tailed Fly.

The moral of this story be
You might be bitten by a flea
But that won’t yield much more’n a sigh,
Compared to the bite of the Blue-tailed Fly.

Life might have its ups and downs
With Bearded Ladies and colorful clowns,
But that is naught in the by-and-by,
When face-to-face with the Blue-tailed Fly.

The Fly is a result of all you do
When livin’ Life with the ghastly Few
Who elicit your worst, but rarely die,
When under the influence of the Blue-tailed Fly.

Harold L. Overton